One Dad’s Journey Through Fatherhood

2 thoughts on “One Dad’s Journey Through Fatherhood”

  1. You are SO right, Jonathan! “YODO”! I find myself loosing my cool with My 4 year old boy ALL the TIME! I try not too, but I can’t seem to control it sometimes……this is really good advice and I am gonna remember it next time I find myself not having the patience that I should! They are just small children and do not understand most things. They are so innocent in their thoughts. I will say that being a Dad is THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! I love it. I love my son more than most people will EVER understand! I love your stories, please keep it up!

    1. We must also remember that they are trying to be independent in their thoughts and actions and that hard for us to see because we have taken care of them for so long. They will one day be adults like us as hard to believe as that is. Thanks for the comment.

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